Glory Storm

Sen. Mitt Romney's full speech announcing reason for his Trump vote. 


October 3

Judge not, that ye be not judged. — Matt 7:1

Why beboldest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye? — Luke 6:41 


Judge not; the workings of his brain
And of his heart thou canst not see;
What looks to thy dim eyes a stain,
In God’s pure light may only be
A scar, brought from some well-won field,
Where thou wouldst only faint and yield.




Time was, I shrank from what was right,
From fear of what was wrong;
I would not brave the sacred fight,
Because the foe was strong.

But now I cast that finer sense
And sorer shame aside;
Such dread of sin was indolence,
Such aim at heaven was pride.



‘Messiah’: Jordan’s Royal Film Commission Asks

Netflix Not To Stream Provocative Series After Supporting Its Shoot























So far, recordings with only local ground wave transmissions correlate to ionograms without ionospheric reflection, but transmissions from stations outside the ground wave zone correlate with ionograms showing clear ionospheric signal reflections; thus correlating digisonde ionogram reflections with 75 meter propagation.


As becomes obvious, hams in the far north must have greater long suffering and patients to continue enjoying the hobby; not uncommon to wait for a week for conditions that make the hobby worth while. During the boring flat line days without it's not uncommon to find hams diddling with US Air-force ionospheric data plots to stay temptations to sell their gear for a bellydancer’s bellybutton lint collection.

Polar Cap Absorption Animated
Be advised date and time from NOAA and Lowell Digisonde are recorded as UTC but data for net recordings are published locally being 8 hours behind UTC.  


Ambient Background Noise Samples

(Collected From Mobile Station Recordings on September 23, 2017 Fairbanks Alaska suburban and surrounding off-grid bush areas.)


These recordings were made with an Icom IC-7100 internal digital recorder, setting for which cannot be altered; therefore, these recordings are made at standard recording sensitivity. To appreciate the full benefit, set your volume for Bush sample, then without changing the volume check suburban sample.

Remote Bush Site S 0-1 Suburban Site S 5-6 Two Sec Alternating Sample Comparison
Lesson Learned: Before buying real estate, it wise to perform an rf ambient noise level check, to save you from depending on other stations in quiet areas from baling you out when you miss weaker signals.